Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rationalize Yourself

Although I'm quite far from Malaysia, I always follow this beloved country's news. In fact, I find local (American) news doesn't mean anything to me except in barely certain things. From my observation, there's been some sort of race and religious tension is going on right now. I'm not sure if it's that big or not. I guess, it's kind of real deal because of some incident already took place. Most recently, the incident of pig's head hanging outside two mosques.

I'm pretty sure it's a 'nature' that Malaysia is a harmonious state no matter how many races and religions we have. That issue of "Allah"'s name usage has brought us to some kind of tension. Making it worse, there's several individuals make some nonsense things and flame up the atmosphere. Come on. There's just several guys who somehow hate somebody so that public knows that someone hates someone. If Malaysians are rational enough, don't follow to their trap. I say it again, it's just several individuals.

I really want to cover this issue in greater depth. Maybe later on.

p/s : I love Malaysia.


onetwenty said...

experienced man gave his views. fuh fuh fuh...

van der shraaf said...

i can't say i'm experienced enough. it's just you who implying something fishy.