Saturday, January 23, 2010


I do think that this is not a suitable to discuss about this, but I can't resist it. For somehow I'm very anticipated with one thing : smartphones. I'm following every inches of progress it develops. The advent of iPhone, then the birth of Android makes the race of smartphones becomes more interesting. Regardless of how much money I have right now (don't ever ask me about it!), let's see what are smartphones that I wanna buy and show-off to you all :

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1. Sony Ericsson XPeria X-10 : This phone is not in US market yet, but seeing from so much reviews, it has complete packages of showing-off : sleek design with great performance. After all, it runs on Android, which is open source OS and make it highly customizable. The bottomline is, of course, its price which can consume my 8 months allowance (if I keep USD 100 every month).

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2. Motorola Droid : This phone is rated as the best smartphone by PC World, outclasses iPhone (this statement will make iPhone fanatics angry). Maybe because its perfect touchscreen. However, I don't really like its physical appearance, especially its awkward dedicated keyboard. This phone doesn't have any package to show-off. D'oh!

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3. Motorola Cliq : What makes me so anticipated with this phone its dedicated keyboard (not like its brother Droid). Even if take a glance on the keyboard, it looks so nice to touch. Apart of that, nothing really special about the phone. The keyboard alone make it ranks higher than iPhone in my list (I'm such a mean man, right?)

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4. HTC Pro 2 : I really like its appearance which looks classy and professional. In addition, it has a pretty nice dedicated keyboard. However, it uses Windows Mobile, which tone down my mood. Again, I am more anticipated to this one than iPhone.

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5. Apple iPhone : Alright. Everybody loves iPhone. Whatever. I don't say I don't like iPhone. I just hate the fact that iPhone is everywhere. It will not make myself unique. And I don't like being un-unique.

P/S : Only if I'm a millionaire...


Naqib said...

aku nk xperia puteh!

van der shraaf said...

welk. aku chop dlu ok. sorry to say la...

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

nexus one...?