Sunday, February 7, 2010

Old Trafford, Wait For Me

Hey, I've been there before! (Ok, I lie)

When I saw the picture of my senior going to Old Trafford (home arena for the greatest team in the world, Manchester United), there are three mixed emotions in me : excited, sad and mad. Excited because it has been my dream to get there and watch the team play. Sad because when I was offered to study oversea, the first country in my mind is England, simply because the Old Trafford. I didn't make it, but still grateful of being here. Mad because the ticket for watching a match in the arena costs me a lot.

No matter how hard it is, I really want to get there. If possible, watch a great match (of course it doesn't include Manchester United vs Portsmouth unless they are really good) and stroll around England to see other stadiums as well. But first, let me study real hard and make some money first. Then, here we go. Old Trafford, can you hear me? This is my dream, man!

p/s : Pardon me for this childish-sounded post.


Anonymous said...

sure childish man..

i suggest after u gained ur money, g wat umrah dulu woi..=p

van der shraaf said...

of course la. yg tu prioriti first. yg laen2 tu bole wat kemudian

tepianmuara said...


ajak aku sekali!