Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The car looks like ice cream, but in bigger scale.
Thick, thick snow.

Before winter season came, for about 3 months ago, my friend told me the coldest month would be February. This notion puzzled me a bit; is it plausible to be coldest although February is the last month of winter? However, I told myself that when American tell others about their own place, they never been wrong. As evident, the second assertion is proven true.

Maryland and other states in the Eastern coast experienced the worst blizzard since 1922. People in Wisconsin or Russia could say our blizzard is just a part of their life, but for us, located in the middle of the map, this is an unprecedented event. It is like Malaysia experiences a large scale flood, bigger then ever, although Malaysia has been experienced flood before. In Maryland, it is expected to have milder climate, not as harsh as this one.

It was 2 whole days before I could go out and see myself how bad it is (I could see through windows, but it was not enough). The blizzard finally stopped, I went out and say what?! Unless there was a passage through the snow, I might not even walked in the snow. The snow is knee-thick. I was stunted on the scale of the snow. Again, this is not Madison, Wisconsin or Volgograd, Russia.

The best part of the snow is, university has been closed for 3 days. Even more because of the incoming blizzard tonight (Tuesday) until tomorrow. The worst part is, I could not go out, but instead confine myself in my house, making myself fatter (always munch potato chips 7-eleven brand if I have one).

What a contradiction. I didn't know what a SPRING semester is all about when it always SNOW.

p/s : Potato chip amat sedap weh.