Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Group of Kids Who Inspired Me At That Day

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Two days ago, I went to class as usual by taking UM Shuttle. That day was a sorrow day, although it is very routine to have such mundane atmosphere in the morning. When I was sitting in the bus, a group of kids came into the bus accompanied by their teacher. It is not a usual thing as the bus actually takes us to the campus. Thus, I assumed that those kids were having their school trip to our campus. This kicked in my memory to my former school, Sambest.

My former school is not the best school in Malaysia, not even close to MRSM Langkawi. Nonetheless, we still are one of the best school among Islamic school in the state of Selangor; with that fact, I should be proud of my school. That fact also brought the attention of some primary school to make trip to Sambest. Some of Sambest's students found it a very unpleasant experience since it involved kids who are not affiliated with our school. For me, I found it rather interesting and indeed I welcomed those kids.

I strongly believe that making a visit to our school or campus would be an inspirational experience for the kids although we don't even know how their future would be. When visiting, I really hope that they would say "This is my future college" or "I want to be here when I grown up". The best part is when the teacher says to the kids "You should be like these college (or school) students" and point his or her finger to me. (If you realized, this is just my bare imagination and nothing else).

In fact, that visit also would inspire me to be a better student. At least, I can say to them, "If you would dream of being here, I already am".

p/s : Surprised after woke up at 4.00 am (according to my cellphone) and in the blink of eyes, the time shifted to 5.00 am (according to my laptop)

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bagus. kau memang pelajar cemerlang sambest..