Sunday, June 6, 2010

It Feels Good When I'm Lazy

This doesn't seem to be my symbol of laziness though.

I define laziness as three things:
1. When I refuse to go anywhere else than my house's toilet.
2. When I play Fifa 10, and after a while I tell myself "This is the last game and I quit" but I continue to play more game after that.
3. When I think wasting time is really a hobby.

Work-log: I thought checking the Virginia error logs would be an easy task since I've done those for DMS and North Carolina. However, Nick gave me the error folder and I was surprised of how much work I have to accomplish. I really need more time for this, maybe 1 week. It is a pretty easy task, but at least I can familiarize myself more to XML and SQL. For me, that's quite satisfying.


ME said...
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mashi budak comel sebab ada pakwe said...

define laziness

when i im-ing kak jeeta who is actually in her room.

when i don't go out of my room because i'm too lazy to cover my head.

when i appear off9 on fb and start writing on people's wall/send fb msg. :))

van der shraaf said...

huhu. kecoh la mak cik ni. kalo ade pakwe tu, kawen je la. bru la nk kepo. lol

Syazwi said...

mashi, tulis dkt blog sendiri la! hahaha.

van der shraaf said...

ntah mashi ni. sebuk je. hehe

mashi budak comel said...

mls da....... haha. saje nk nyemak2 tnjk2 mke. :p