Friday, June 4, 2010

Watching Watchmen and Being Watched

one of watchmen might look like this (this exactly what would happen if you didn't see the full movie. you won't know what's inside that movie)

(Blowing dusts that accumulates this blog)

I'm writing this because something happened. I watch Watchmen on my tv and that Watchmen watched me sleeping. I woke up at 4 am (because the sound was quite loud) realizing that movie already ended. Sweet. Now I need to wait for another 5 hours before I go to work. That's why I'm pretty rajin2 to update this blog. If not, maybe I should wait for the moment to come. Yeah, I think I already wrote something on here, so that's it for now. Pardon the interruption.

Work-log : Today I have to run the service loader again. I ran two of them (one for opentms and one for dms) and I didn't find any single error. So for now my task is to run the one for virginia. I wonder where should I find those error message since I can't log into one of openjms account.


ct.mashitah said...

*yawnnnnssssss* start 2nd paragraph aku x paham pape dh. hahaha

van der shraaf said...

hehe. benda2 tu nmpk je susah, tp kalo dh tau, x der la susah pon.