Monday, July 26, 2010

Factor of Our Laziness

The sun does make people lazier, according to my professor,lah.

Quick thought : I remember when my Geography professor once told us in that lecture hall, about the relationship between climate type and development of a particular country. It is observed that the closer a country to the equator (such as India, Ghana etc) , the less developed a country prone to be. According to him, that comfy climate makes citizen lazier and thus, discourages discovery towards science and technology.

Yeah, but I think what make people lazy are tv, xbox 360 and a lot of KFC, which absolutely comes from your (the Geography professor) country.


hisyam said...

Slm bro, first comment dowh. Haha.

Whats with this f***ed up theory that he came up with? Klu mcm tu maksudnya yg patutnya the most developed area in the world should be the north n south pole. Hey dude, dont blame the circumstances, blame urself.

p/s: Trase kot ble ko sebut xbox 360. haha.

Cheers mate.

van der shraaf said...


Actually that theory was proposed based on their observation. It seems to make sense the first time we heard about it, but when we think about it again, this theory is missing some logic. I don't see any relation between weather and laziness.

p/s : aku tulis xbox 360 sbb aku ade ps3, so x nak la kutuk diri sendiri. lol

Zafree said...

ader jugak theory pasal weather nie, tapi bukan pasal laziness, pasal stress.

teori: orang Malaysia cepat stress sebab cuaca kat Malaysia yang panas

contoh: orang malaysia bawak kereta selalu tak sabar2

tp nie cumer teori yang tak berasas :p

FIFA pun salah satu punca orang (ko) malas

van der shraaf said...

yg tu mcm makes sense skit, sbb kalo panas mmg senang tension. tp kalo nk kaitkan ngan habit driving, mcm same je ngan org sini.

fifa tu aku jarang main kot. hehe

cha'a said...

yup, my Sociology lec did mentioned bout this. blind judgement. of course the view may be on the surface and in other case, stereotyping is just another lame perspective.

it's a fun trivia though. maybe i ought to read about how convincing is the results. lol.

van der shraaf said...

Stereotyping unfortunately has been kinda social norm in here. It's like an early introduction to another kind of human. Yup, it's lame indeed.

I think the observation is interesting enough, but the deduction is not pretty.