Thursday, July 29, 2010

JSP In A Forum

I don't have any idea who she is, except that she was from UUM (click on the image to go to the forum)

I was having a casual reading about JSP during work when I encountered something fancy. If you can see above, I found a Malaysian in a Java developer's forum. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that Malaysians are not good enough in programming they don't deserve a place in a pretty technical problem. Nor saying that I'm in crush with that girl (This is important as my friends always make a point out of situation like this.)

Actually I can describe my feeling as fancy. I haven't seen a Malaysian who overt his or herself in such complicated world of programming (so far I've explored only websites from United States). I mean, most of programmers just use fake name instead of real name. So I think this is a very unique experience and honestly I'm very happy about it. Nonetheless, no offence, but I took a hard way to understand what she had written on the forum. Don't worry, I'm not a good English speaker / writer either.

The question was dated on 2003, so if she wrote that she was only a beginner in JSP and XML at that time, I'm pretty sure right now she is already a professional Java developer. In 2003, I only knew how to turn on a computer. (As I can remember my family hadn't had any computer at that time) I was only sweet 13, remember?

p/s : I think what she was trying to ask was how to make a website that receive input (like an online form) and make an XML file based on the user's input. I think it's not practical to use merely embedded JSP script to generate XML. I think it's better to use a servlet deployed in an application server. Inside the servlet, use a framework (such SAXBuilder) to make a new XML file. So the flow is [User Input > JSP Form > Servlet > SAXBuilder > XML]. After all, generating XML (of course the data would end up to database) would make user's data to be more portable, as it can be translated by other languages as well.


Syazwi said...

"Nor saying that I'm in crush with that girl... "

a bold and suiting clarification of a young programmer raging with hormones.

epic LOL XD.

p/s: sorry acap, aku bukan nk gelakkan kau, tapi ayat kau ni sumpah menceriakan hari aku. :)

van der shraaf said...

adoi, masalahnye nnti korg salah anggap. sbb tu aku bgtau awal2 dowh. alaudoi...