Sunday, July 18, 2010

Malaysians Are Bad? Think Again

Kalau tak nampak apa benda diatas, ia sebenarnya 'surat khabar dalam browser"

When I feel I want to be closer to my home, I read my country's newspaper. I read Berita Harian online. I didn't see much in there from my brief skimming (skimming for me is just about reading the titles of news).

Owh yeah, there's just one thing, about a young husband and wife who just got their first children after waiting for seven years. Did I mention 'children'? It's not a two-children twins, but they came in four. However, that's not the main highlight of the news.

I saw a lot of comments following the news (the commenting feature is kinda new in Berita Harian and I think it's very very cool). What touched me was that all of comments congratulating the happy couple. Several of them are quoted as below:

"syukur alhamdulillah....Tahniah.."
"tahniah kawan.."

You know what, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, done by Malaysians. No matter how bad we perceive Malaysians in many aspects (such as cleanliness and obesity(?!)), I see Malaysians as people who always care and compassionate. If the couple do read those comments about them, they would feel very lucky of having loving friends, people who are called 'Malaysians'.

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Zafree said...

It's hard to say whether Malaysian are nice or bad just by several people commenting on newspaper. I mean, not everyone in Malaysia responded to that article (though MAYBE almost everyone read it)

Malaysian are nice, but when I walked around stores or went window shopping, I missed the nice greets that I get back in Madison. Instead, all I got is shopping attendant following around when all I want to do is looking around and the bitter fast of most cashiers when I want to pay.

It just my personal experiences, so it doesn't represent Malaysia as a whole.

How do you define "nice" anyway?

van der shraaf said...

" I missed the nice greets that I get back in Madison. "

Truthfully, Washington DC and Maryland is not as friendly as Madison, so we can't say Americans are nice either.

I value 'nice' as good conduct in whatever situation, not just good treatment towards others. If that's so, then everyone can pretend to be nice to anyone else.