Monday, August 30, 2010

Malaysia and Indonesia, Give Me A Break

Independence Means Harmony and Peace

(I wrote this while waiting for class to start)

I really want to wish Happy Birthday Malaysia on Facebook. So I figured maybe it's better if I could tag the name "Malaysia" on my status. I found a Malaysia fan page there, and I opened it. Later I opened the "Others" tab to see what those fans are talking about. To my surprise, I saw the walls being rubbished by insults to Malaysia by some irresponsible Indonesian, who 'be a fan' of Malaysia just to put dirty words on the walls.

Since I'm a pretty bipartisan evaluator, I opened the Indonesian fan page, and it's not surprising that there are also some irresponsible Malaysians doing the same thing. Come on, man. When will this come to the end?

As far as I concern, the relationship between Indonesian and Malaysian students in the United States is pretty harmonious. In fact in Maryland we know several Indonesian friends. Though we do not close with each other, we don't fight with each other either.

For your information, I even pray Jumaat at Indonesian embassy whenever the campus musolla is closed. (I frequently go there during summer holiday when the musolla is closed definitely). There's no sign board preventing Malaysian from praying there. I'm pretty sure that the confrontation is rooted from irrational citizens who always seek for revenge instead of peace. Of course, the history between these two nations were not always pretty, but isn't that history intended for preventing bad things in future?

Happy Birthday Malaysia!


cha'a said...

wow.. bgusla post nih. kt cni pown ok je ktorng. spela y emo sgt nih. over btol. lol

van der shraaf said...

tu ar, aku rase pon x sume yg nk gado2 ni. skit2 je yg emo x tentu psl. adoi