Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Simple Thought For Today

When I think about a random idea, I always discourage myself from that idea, saying that this is not possible because blah blah blah or I think I can't just do it etc. Then I figure out that if I keep thinking like this, it would just retard my creativity. I mean, look at today. We have almost everything technology-wise, such as high speed internet, 3D tv and smartphones. I may overlook the past time, when all those things were not imaginable and everyone didn't even think about having all stuff we have right now.

So, why not think like a child? Maybe what we think now, no matter how ridiculous it is, can come into existence in future. Who know? Impossible is nothing, right?

p/s : I'm encouraging myself into fresh and reckless ideas.


Fyzal said...

just go on with the idea. what's so impposible about life? sometimes, weird things did happen.

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Zafree said...

As we grow up, we tend to use our logical thinking than imagination. It's normal to most of us, but we shouldn't let it be normal. Remember what Einstein said about imagination~

van der shraaf said...

i think great things do come with determination and effort, maybe with just a little hint of luck and miracle.

yeah dude, imagination is more important than knowledge!