Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Story of Vomit and Stuff Like That

illustration on how a person vomits, if any of you haven't seen it before

It was about 11.45 pm.

I took a late night shuttle bus which will bring me to my new apartment. After the bus arrived, I went into the bus. I was walking deeper towards seats at behind when something nasty happened. A girl vomited badly on the bus floor. It was fortunate that there was not many students in the bus at that time. However the liquid which was thrown up flowed slowly to other passenger's place, which caused some students to make nasty facial expression.

I don't really know why she vomited, but I think she was drunk at that time. I mean, if she was really sick and not drunk, the bus would go straight to hospital instead of dropping students in other places. So here it is. Even the most civilized people (America claims itself as to be more modernized than any other countries) would do stupid things when they get drunk. I still do not understand how drinking alcohol is still a part of culture in this country although they already know that alcohol is not good for drinking. In fact I think, choosing to drink alcohol itself is already a dumb act because they already know the logic.

p/s : No wonder alcohol is dubbed as the father of evil.

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