Friday, October 15, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

a heliocentric model of solar system (NOT TO SCALE)

Dear Organizer of "Pertandingan Kuiz Astronomi Peringkat Daerah Tahap Sekolah Rendah Tahun 2002",

I and two of my friends participated in the above competition in 2002. We represented Sekolah Kebangsaan Subang for our zone (Don't remember the name of the zone). In that competition we advanced to the final four from the preliminary round. During the final round, we were asked about the question "What is the biggest moon in the solar system?" Then I was convinced with myself and answered "Ganymede". Then the host announced that my answer was wrong, and announced the right answer is actually "Titan". In the final round we couldn't answer any question, got 0 point and went home with only the forth place .

Today my professor told me that 'Ganymede' is the largest moon in the solar system, which reminded me of the above incident which happened 8 years ago. I can verify that this fact is true through so many credible sources. So, on behalf of my former school and my fellow friends, I would like to claim an extra point for that quiz, so that at least we did not go home with 0 point on the final round. This is pretty crucial for my job application especially for Google, as they will never accept employees who have zero track record.

Thank you

-Muhammad Ashraf Ishak-
The Forth Place Winner of
Kuiz Astronomi Peringkat Daerah Tahap Sekolah Rendah Tahun 2002,
representing Sekolah Kebangsaan Subang.


Nadiah Husseini Zainol Abidin said...


van der shraaf said...

eh ade org jeles la. siapekah? :p

Atikah Adnan said...

Hahahaha. seriously? aku sentiasa sokong kau acap! for the sake of nama baik sekolah kebangsaan subang xD haha

van der shraaf said...

tau x per. time tu mmg sengal ar sbb preliminary round tu kitorg ranking 1. tp final round tu kitorg x dpt jwb ape2 pon. last2 dpt nombor 4 je. owh yeah, majulah sekolah kebangsaan subang

visitor said...

came across your blog after Googling "bena expectorant".
haha, nice, love the header :D