Thursday, October 28, 2010

What is The Similarity Between Teacher and Handwriting?

So as usual in a class there might be two or three lecturers teaching different sections. I have not been satisfied with my lecturer in that class (don't wanna reveal which class) because he does not teach us with passion. All students don't want to respond to him in class, even if he asks us to. Then one day this another lecturer came to our lecture as a temporary replacement. I was told that he is the teacher for other section.

I feel like this replacement lecturer is much much better than our lecturer, for his clear explanation and his greater passion in teaching. After the lecturer, I asked my friend, whose lecturer is the replacement lecturer, about him. Surprisingly he does not like the lecturer like I do. I asked then why. He told me "His handwriting is so horrible" "Dude, what's wrong with the handwriting. We are listening to lecture, not just reading it. I think he explains concept more clearly than our lecturer does".

Then I came across this lecture note (lecturer notes are usually distributed after each lecture) written by the replacement lecturer. (See below or go to link provided for full version)

Yeah dude, now I feel you.


Anonymous said...


what math is that?

I thought only medical Dr has a ugly handwriting.

Now, I know, every Dr has it, regardless in what field.

(my own lecturer, Dr. Borges who teaches Philosophy, US History 1 and 2, Sociology, and US politics also has err, quite displeasing handwriting. But he didnt write notes - Good for us)

p/s: ask any INTI peeps that you know, sure he/she knows him

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

i think most of American did have bad offense but that from what i observed.
and women tend to write larger than man which are contradict from what usually happen in Malaysia.

Mohd Firdaus bin Shafie said...

he is a genius :)