Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat (In The Office)

Venn Diagram showing that content of the bowl (actually there's more but whatever) [Click to show enlarged version]

So I came to work, and a large bowl of candies and chocolate was already on my table. Omg! What made me excited is the bowl is still full as if nobody ever touched it.

"Is this all for me? ", I asked Drew.
"No, no" (Yeah I knew it)
"Owh, but can i have some?"
"Yeah sure. Help yourself"

So that afternoon I worked happily besides a full bowl of candies. (On several occasions I smiled in front of the computer for that reason) I couldn't help to bite every second, but managed to finish only 4 candies during that one hour of work. So the bowl should still be full by today (Tuesday), unless there was someone who were so tamak and took all the candies away. I really can't wait to go to work again and sit besides candies.

p/s : Memang siot la sape2 yang habiskan coklat2 tu....


Anonymous said...

senang betol nk bagi ini budak happy
-budak comel misteri

van der shraaf said...

bdk comel tu la kene bg happy (happy = chocolate) :p

ME said...

... r u like for real?? kesiannya kau. x tau plak ko kempunan gula2 smpi cmni. hahahha