Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gift For The Last Day of Class

I don't remember if I already told you that I like my astronomy class, but I'd love to say again anyway if I already did. I like it because I'm pretty interested in it and also because of its dedicated teacher. She always engages to her students with a unique approach : she asks questions to students to challenge students' knowledge on a particular topic, and if the answer was correct, she would give merchandise to the student, and she has done it a lot. Those merchandise she has given should be astronomy-related, such as NASA mug and postcard with Andromeda picture. I really don't have any idea how many stuff she already has, probably those could fill up a large store.

[Disclaimer : Do not attempt to follow any of my bad approaches in learning. I state them here just as just a part of story, not to be exemplified by anyone,okeng? ]
However, I'm a pretty shy guy, thus I had not attempted to answer those questions given the large number of students in the lecture hall. Many times I had the answer, but I just let other students to answer them. I mean, I can dominate all the questions, but I don't want myself to look arrogant. Engaging with lecture is a really really good thing I tell you, but I'd prefer to speak in a smaller crowd such as discussion classes. But overdoing it will make you look so annoying, as if you're the only one in the class. In my CMSC 216 lecture, there's this one guy, he always asks the lecturer silly questions, which makes me so irritated. (I state this explicitly so that the guy could read this and repent from being so annoying).

Back to my story. Even though I had not attempted any question, doesn't mean I didn't want to. I thought I'd reserve my mind in my last lecture of the class, and answer any question during that lecture. At least I'd had something from that class. Today was the last lecture of the astronomy class, and I still remember my promise to myself. So in the middle of the lecture, the lecturer asked us a really simple question, and I bravely answer it (I don't want to tell the question here because it's too easy). So I was given a large postcard with picture of colliding galaxies. Cool eh?

I shall never forget today, at least for this cool postcard.

[Quick fact : Although it sounds scary, galaxies do collide. In fact, our galaxy, Milky Way, will eventually collide with Andromeda around several million years from now. This is due to the expansion of our universe, with galaxies could be closer to another, forcing tidal force from gravity to pull around. This produces 'wing' patterns in the collision. Don't worry, even though the galaxies collide, the stars within don't. Distances of the stars are still too great for them to collide with other stars. Subhanallah]

Even though this semester has been so messed up (in fact the worst semester; at least for now), I think this is a pretty cool experience. Thanks for being a great lecturer!

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