Friday, December 3, 2010

Pursuit of Happiness

pursuit of a taxi

(take a break for a while from the tcsh shell)

I remembered one of my lecturer in INTEC (I really don't remember which one) told us about a pretty simple story. One day she went into a taxi, and suddenly the taxi driver spoke to her "Do you remember me, teacher? I'm your former student in INTEC. I still remember you". (I think that's it for the story lol) Unfortunately the story was told as a caution of not too careless with our study. Her message is simple : do not fail in your study or you'll end up being a taxi driver as well. Well, honestly, I'm half agreed with this statement.

While students have to strive for success in study, failing it does not bring upon failure of life. I'm not buying into a notion where a person is successful only if he or she grown up being a "successful" programmer, engineer or whatsoever. Moreover, Allah in His Quran tells us that successful person is a person who is excel in his solat, pay his zakaat and among others. (of which I fail miserably) He does not mention anything about wealthy person being a successful person. I'm pretty disappointed when all people focus too much on materialistic value of knowledge without realizing that we are drawn too deep into capitalists' traps.

For me, having a successful life, besides being a good servant of Allah, means having a happy life. Maybe that taxi driver failed in his study because he was not good in academic, but he is good in doing other things. Even if his revenue is just so-so, he might be grateful and live happily with it, thus he might be having a happier life than most of us (especially me).

p/s : Tak tau nak cakap ape dah


Anonymous said...

aku ingat kau nak tulis pasal american constitution.

Well, you can decide if you fail miserably only when you die... as there is time, it's never too late ;)

ayuh! At-taubah 29:69

van der shraaf said...

owh psl ape ek constitution tu? mcm x der kaitan je lol.

thanks for the advice!

hisyam said...

Slm, rase mcm dh lame gile tak jenguk blog ni. haha.

Anyways, this is a good point raised which can and should be discussed further.

All in all, yes, I completely agree with u. We live in a society where the definition of success is limited.