Monday, January 24, 2011

A Conversion of Mine With An iPhone Apps

Yesterday I read an article about an iPhone apps named "Siri", which insists the apps can be a personal assistant to a person. It could do anything we want it to do using voice command. The articles adds that the apps is so great that Apple acquired the company. Sounds cool for me, so I downloaded it and wanted to have a hand on it.

Before getting to bed, I tried to play with it. Well, it is not as great as what it sounds like. The voice recognition is still behind Google's voice recognition. When I was about to give up and almost decided to uninstall it, came into my mind a pretty nifty idea. So I tried this:

Aha, so actually I can really say things to this apps. Below is my conversation between me and the iPhone apps along the night: (captions are on top of every screenshot)

Say Hi to the Apps

Personal Inquiry (Rude Version)

It realizes that I was only joking

Suddenly love blooms

Love rejected, but I still need one

An awkward feeling after you found out that the person you're crushing on, doesn't even know his/her gender

An appreciation and (halau nampak....)

Actually there was a lot more but I couldn't fit them all here. Although the product itself does not live up the hyped expectation, this is only the beginning of a much more sophisticated technology. With a computer named "Watson" (developed by IBM) that can beat champions in Jeopardy, Google Goggle that can recognize images and even solve sudoku (?!) , a handy personal assistant like this "Siri" apps, and a game console without controller like Xbox Kinect, I wonder what are things coming to our way in future. Indeed, "the future is now".


atikah adnan said...

cool cool cool. comel. haha

van der shraaf said...

aah, comel mcm aku lol.

ct.mashitah said...

ni mcm....... em.. apa ntah yg artificial intelligence tu. name pmpuan... x ingt dh. haha

Najwa Jani said...

hahaha..lawak gler tang; "vandershraaf, I'd prefer to keep this relationship professional"...gler cool..huhu...

Anonymous said...

hahahaa love rejected but still need one XD XD XD - nadia