Sunday, January 30, 2011

Let's Talk A bit About Egypt


Now people talking about situation in Egypt. Here I'm gonna do the same for different purpose.

There's no denying that the situation in Egypt is getting worse and threatening. That said, people is now urging Malaysian government to bring back home all its students. While this is a good way to make sure all are safe, I can say this is almost impossible. The cost is just too ridiculous to cope with, considering that there are so many Malaysian students in the country. Nevertheless, I still insist this is a good solution if the government could do so.

But what I don't like about that situation is how those naysayers react to any kind of bad situations. In other word, I don't like at all on the fact that some of Malaysians take this opportunity and politicizes the situation. If something bad is going one, the government will always be the culprit and the oppositions would urge government to do something and something, as if they are the savior of the citizen.

It is much easier to say than to act, at least.

I'm not a big follower of American politics world, but I do know its latest development via newspaper or tv news. Recently there was a tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona. Six dead in the incident and a U.S representative (which is a "Ahli Parlimen" equivalent) was critically injured (recent progress showing that she is getting better). The incident caused the U.S house and senate to cool down from their hot rhetoric debate among the two side of parties. So both sides did not point at each other on the incident and tried to take bipartisan approach to prevent such incident. At least they did it for several days.

Malaysians, in the other hand, always have politics mind in their head all the time. Whenever happen, political debates would begin even if the incident was terrible and tragic.

I'm sick of this. Give me a break.

(p/s : I'm praying to Allah for all my brothers and sisters in Egypt to be safe and unhurt. Let fighters to fight for their right, and let the innocents to have their life safely)

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