Friday, May 6, 2011

Teach Your Kid How To Program

(Again, sorry for my latest rant. I'm a bit aggressive when I'm exhausted or depressed. Other than that, I'm just an average guy)

I have a random thought. If I had children, which language should I teach to my children for the first time. Owh, I'm not talking about the speaking language. This is about programming language. Of course, I don't have any kid yet (duh, not even married yet), but as I said, this is a random thought which I think might help me in future.

First they need to know how cool programming is. Well, how cool it is actually? See, if I teach my children first on Java, then they'd know about basic syntax of common programming languages, which is for me is not bad. Java is a language that's easy to learn. However, the children then would come back at us and point it out as a useless lesson. One can't see what's behind all those variable assignments, looping, if-else statements etc without seeing the concrete purpose of programming. In short, children need to see what they program.

When I first started programming, I was 16 years old already (yes, it was just 4 years ago and yes, it was a late age to be a programmer). Why programming? I wanted to see what's behind the scene of a website. That day was a booming time for the "deceased" social network (such as Friendster and Myspace) and instant messaging. I was one of kids who were also addicted to these things, so my curiosity went along. I first started doing HTML and CSS on my own, and I thought I was really cool. (until I found out that there are things named PHP, ASP.Net, Ruby on Rails etc).

So, we can start with HTML and perhaps CSS. This way children would see programming as a tool for the internet of which they grown up with. However these two aren't programming language (think about Turing machine). So I think we can also teach GUI-based languages such as Visual Basic (don't get me wrong; other languages also have their own GUI). Now, children would realize that they can build the windows and applications,which they see everyday on computer, on their own. Is that cool? Yes, I think it's cool.

p/s: I'll start off with my niece who was born only 8 months ago. Yes, your uncle will teach you how to program and be a nerd lol.

p/s : Happy mother's day to my emak(mom), Kalthom Binti Kasnan ;my sister, Kak Syikin who just become a mother; and also for all mothers around the world!


Anonymous said...

Huh. Nerd :p

afiQFaiz said...

cool acap. haha
well, let me know if you got something up to your sleeves in hacking. hehehe

Nuzul Fikrie said...

one of the coolest nerd i know ,keep it up mate

Fathini said...

Nak jadi anak kau la acap!haha

Anonymous said...

UUUUU awesomeeee - nadia