Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nap Dream

One of the dream desktop

So I was thinking about buying a "future-proof" desktop once I got back to the States. I looked through a desktop review website to see what's on the market. Well apparently such desktop is priced so high. For a very very future-proof desktop, it will cost you at least USD 1500 (that's about RM 4500). Yes, it's that expensive. So I need to be realistic. After all, I have to find an internship that pays well next year, then I can afford buying a desktop.

Hurmm, that's not why I'm writing this. So after browsing those kinda stuff, I unconsciously took a nap. You know what, I dreamed about having such desktop. In that dream, I can even make some tweak on the desktop, which is something I cannot do in real life. (well actually it's not that hard; I just couldn't afford buying a desktop to play around). This really reminds me of a similar incidents: I took a nap after having spent several hours of programming and eventually dreamed of doing it. Ok, I'm just talking trash, but I'm just sayin'.

p/s: If you don't have money, then you can only dream. Now I'm looking at Heliza Helmi's page, so I might dream of her too lol.

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