Friday, July 29, 2011

Harimau Mati Meninggalkan Belang

So the tiger did die last night. I'm truly sad about the outcome of the game against Singapore. Even more hurtful, I was among the 85,000 fans in the stadium who tirelessly chanted so that we could see our predicted result (it's a consensus that fans wanted 3-0 win). However, we just can't afford to win every game. If we did, we wouldn't know how to improve our game in the future.

Technical review:
It's also true that we didn't have much chance in the box, but now I'll jump to the obvious: midfield and defense. We really felt the cost of losing Safiq Rahim as the main engine of the attack. So Malaysia tried to change the game to side flank of the field. We have Amirul Hadi as a very good ball controller, and the speedy Kunalan (up to now, I'm still impress with his speed). However, this will never be a good tactic against the large-size (and fake) Singaporean defense lead by the "mat salleh sesat mane ntah". Whenever these 2 wings wanted to cross the ball to the middle, the striker will never have the chance to even make the header. Instead, they should be more creative in passing game. They needed to do short passed and make a patient buildup before Safee Sali pass the defense and make a shot.

Similarly to our defense. We just don't have the strength in the air. It will be chaotic moment whenever the first ball fly towards our defense. We need to have a tall defense. Wait, this is wrong. We need to have a tall and strong defensive back. (Wing back doesn't have to be tall, obviously). This reminds me to the Terengganu defensive back and captain, Marzuki (I dont remember his full name though). Maybe he's unproven national player yet, but it's worth the try. Also, our defensive back need to stay composed and calm. Every clear ball have to leave the box convincingly (damn, is this the right word?). I always see them panicky whenever the opponents got the ball in the our box.

The man of the match:
Everyone who saw the match will definitely point to this man: Khairul Fahmi. For me, he did all the hell of the jobs for the rest of team. Remember the save on the top-corner free kick? How about he winning the one-on-one encounter against the Shi Jiayi? If he stays playing this way every single match, he will definitely be given a chance to play overseas. And from my standpoint, even as far as the English Premier League (it's not wrong to dream, right?). Malaysia, you already got your future goalkeeper!

I will consider Malaysia a bit unlucky for the defeat. Congratulations Singapore? Na,ah! I'm not too pro to say such thing. For fake nationality and shitty playing style, they don't deserve any credit.

I will never give up on this Harimau Malaya team. There's a long way to go for us to be as great as Japan or South Korea (No, Australia is a fake Asian country. They don't belong to AFC, and I'll never bless them in there). As long as they play well enough, the Malaysian fans will always back them even from afar. Go Harimau Malaya!

p/s: Fake, fake and fake. That's all I can say.


aminh said...

dude. harimau belum mati lagi. akan ada kelahiran semula.

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

jap, australia dalam AFC ke? aku rase cam x jek...

van der shraaf said...

amin: btol2, mati kali ni je. nnti diorg resurrect balik

paan: ye ar, dh lame jgk australia masuk afc. bengang gile aku