Monday, July 11, 2011

You Can't Terminate Our Scholarships, Can You?

A better Malaysia should look like this (Just how many smileys in my blog already)

Before going to bed, I just wanna to say several words about my thoughts lately. There have been too much threats on students who already been given scholarships from government, so that they've had their mouth shut and keep themselves from politics stuff. The reason is simple: We need to be grateful of our lucrative scholarships. If I convert my monthly allowance in United States, I should say that's more than what Malaysians can earn in their full-time job. (Alhamdulillah, I shall say).

I've been believing that reasoning for the fact that if a person gives us something, than we should make good to that person. However, lately I think, who gives us our scholarships? The government, or the citizens? What's more important is, why are we given that scholarship?

This is quite late for me to realize this, but now I think we're given scholarships so that we can expand our knowledge and thus our thinking (Duh!). However, our thinking is crippled if we're bound to see only one side. We need freedom to apply our thinking. What's the point of having learned something overseas but then when we come back Malaysia, we can't use just that?

So if you say that we need to support one side only and abandon the other, then what's the point of our scholarship? I'm not saying we're clever enough, but if we support the other side, we have our own reasoning. Such reasoning is based on our thinking and our observations from overseas. Our Malaysia is still far from perfect, so we try our best to implement the good side of wherever we've gone. Yes, I'm saying that budaya-budaya kuning should be abandoned.

So how to be grateful? That's simply take any good chance overseas, whether in learning, practical etc etc. Try learning what's not in Malaysia, or rarely available in Malaysia. That way, we can spread such knowledge. Saying that we're not grateful by having freedom is a bad call. It's like government bribing us to do whatever they want. That's not true at all.

Government want us to make a better Malaysia. So here we come.

(p/s: I am telling my thought. Owh yeah, did I say "several words" earlier? Wow this is actually too much)

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