Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Workaholic dan Lazyholic

To be honest, aku tak der la rajin tahap maniac, tapi aku boleh kira dependable ar. Cuma aku baru sedar yang kalau aku kerja dengan orang lain (dalam group etc) aku boleh jadi agak workaholic. Maybe sebab orang lain motivates aku lg bagus drpd diri aku sendiri. Plus, aku x suka kecewakan org kalau x dapat siapkan kerja sebab kalau aku x siapkan kerja aku, orang lain mcm x leh jalankan diorg punye kerja. So yah, im kinda workaholic too.

Anyway, as usual, Im being annoyed again by this lazy bum guy. Why he always do work last minute? My other friend told me that guy doesn't work during weekdays. So no excuse at all. Seriously, what he does during weekdays? I don't mind if he does stuff last minute, but he FREAKING DEPEND ON OTHERS TOO MUCH. Why can't you do it yourself? Why there's no initiative? I'm wondering how he survives the comp sci school. I believe it's because his other friends' help. There is no way such dude can survive comp sci (NOTE: need to emphasize, it's comp sci at maryland, not other lowly college; Some college makes comp sci too easy)

Anyway, i'm not sure how this guy gonna survive the job environment in future. If his attitude goes on, he would be easily fired by company. My other friend also told me that he frequently warn this guy to do his work and not depend too much on others. It's not that i don't wanna help this guy; in fact, i always help friends (Bukan nak angkut bakul sendiri tapi biasenye aku mmg akan try tolong). But i'm willing to help only when the friend help himself as well. How annoying would it be if he asked you questions like every freakin' seconds?

So don't blame me for not helping you. Blame yourself for not helping.

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