Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CrashCourse for Computer Science

I've been watching CrashCourse by John Green for a while now and it's been a pleasure. It's one of the best thing in my life (I'm not lying) and I feel like this Youtube channel should never stop even though John have said he only produces until 40 episodes.

Nonetheless, It frustrates me how there is no (fun) Youtube channel at all explaining computer science stuff or even IT stuff. I mean, I want some videos that explain hardcore computer science in a fun (and animated, of course) way. We've seen videos like it for math, biology, history, physics etc but computer science. I kinda admit computer science is pseudo-science; perhaps it's closer to math than science, but come on. People need to know about Relational Database and Binary Search Tree and Djikstra's Algorithm and B+-Tree and even Second Level Cache because THOSE STUFF ARE WHAT GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK MADE OF. I'm not saying general public should know about it. They should appreciate their existence and the fact that programmers, software engineers and hackers are awesome people. (Thank you for the applause)

For that matter, I have established a resolution. If I were a rich-ass software developer, some sort of Zuckerberg's level, I would fund that kind of project. Of course I wouldn't do it myself because I hate to be in video and I don't speak perfect English (p/s: I definitely can speak English fluently with some slang, but not perfect). Probably hire people with credential of Jeff Atwood or even James Gosling and do their show. Obviously need to be accompanied by some kick-ass animation. Or simply just hire ThoughtBubble ( (p/s again: I totally love their animation). For the topic, I think it can depend but I think high-level topic such as Computer Architecture or Network can be really interesting (since no one gives a damn about Pointers and Garbage Collection).

So yeah, that's pretty much my long-term plan and I'll add it to my personal note later. For now, I will definitely be thinking about this project: Teaching programming to students at my high school. That's 1 more year for now and hopefully the school would support the cause.

p/s: Don't forget to be awesome.

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Nuzul Fikrie said...

YEAH DUDE., youtube need that, totally, i do have a degree in electrical engineering , my comp sci knowledge sadly however , close to none,it's good to have content explained in layman term. In a fun , spongebob / tron style u know