Monday, November 5, 2012

Resurrection. Maybe

First of all, it has been my great interest for me to share stuff in my blogs since my high school time (if I'm not mistaken). It is just that lately it has been so busy to keep posting and updating posts here, especially when I'm juggling with schools and works.

Nonetheless, I think it is still essential for me to keep writing, as it somehow expresses myself in unique way. For that reason, I want to resurrect this blog and bring it out from its nest again (f.y.i I locked this blog from public for some time). To ensure continuity of this blog in the midst of all stuff happening around me, here are several guidelines that I've made to myself in writing this blog:

1) No emotion; only stuff of my interests will be posted here. There is no point of writing when all the posts are about how sad I am etc etc. I seriously need something to cherish myself up, so I figure sharing my interests would be the best. Life is lost when happiness is no where nearby.

2) Brevity is king. I want to make each post as brief as possible. I'll write more only when I had more time.

3) The list of my interests will be indicated via labels. These labels can be seen on the left side of this blog. You would see stuff that I really have interest with.

For starter, here are the list of stuff that I will (likely) talk about in this blog:
a) Manchester United
b) Baltimore Ravens
c) Maryland Terrapins
d) Selangor FC
e) Poetry
f) Programming
g) Vexillology
h) Philosophy
i) Startup

I will add more topics from times to times. Thank you.


mashi said...

... tengok topik semua hmmm hahahha

Aminh said...

yey. acap kembali.

van der shraaf said...

Owhh tak sangka ade org still komen kt blog aku haha.

@mashi: benda2 tu yg aku minat, yg aku rasa bleh buat aku happy. so terima je la ek

@amin: thank you thank you. aku tak rasa aku akan aktif menulis tapi aku try je la