Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Fallen Raven

Dusts have settled a week after
The feelings wilt and surrender
Miles away the news broke that we
Were forced to believe someone is missing
Posters of him spread throughout the town
Stick a second only to fall down

There is no doubt that I cannot forget
His face as if we just met
Yesterday seems too short to fly
Yet this moment creeps so slow, and dry

Then I slowly walked circling a pond
Pondering all the "what if" questions
Hence putting my brave face upon
Crowds witnessing my tear's essence

Proud nonetheless; a son whose dad
Such a fallen warrior on field
Such bravery that costs his blood
Only to be cherished by those lived
When we walk, we walk together
May the Proud Raven be with you, forever

Muhammad Ashraf Ishak
January 23, 2013
College Park, Maryland


In memory of my beloved Abah
(November 25, 1952 - January 14, 2013)

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