Thursday, March 6, 2014

Life's a Zigzag

That was a very lousy morning, having to go to work which I do not like, after having a horrible night. Sounds like a very typical morning, except this one involves a broken heart. So I sat in the train.

There I saw a dark-skinned, old, skinny guy sat on slightly left side of opposite sittings. He seemed to have the same bad day as me. He placed his backpack on the floor between his legs. The backpack's brand is "Zigzag". I saw one like it before; it is a cheap backpack brand. Cheap, but memorable enough that I wrote this whole blog post about it.

On the backpack, there is a paragraph of words. At first, I assumed those words are arbitrary. The designer (or the company which makes it) might have intended those words as a placeholder. Then I decided to focus on those words and tried to read them. The paragraph sounds something like this: (I don't memorize everything for sure)

        "Zigzag is a line or path that alternates between left and right with various length of straight lines and degrees of turns. Life is like a zigzag. Sometimes it goes to the right, and sometimes it goes to the left. It does not even tell you which way it turns. You will not know whether zigzag turns quite, whether zigzag turns loud. Sometimes it makes sharp turn, sometimes it makes the opposite. You don't have a choice other than just follow the zigzag. Only when you stop, that the zigzag will ever stop"

I had those words completely read after several glances; the guy would look at me weird if I stared at his backpack for too long.

Human does have some degree of free will (or freedom to make decision), but at the end of the day, the zigzag will only continue turn left and right. It will always move forward; the only question is when does it turn and how sharp the corner when it turns.

Remember I mentioned about a broken heart? Without revealing any other details, that was the night when this one friend whom I love dearly left me in the dust and revealed a change of heart. It was especially painful to me especially when the whole situation is still blurry.

So I really needed that backpack's words, at least to help me chin up from such bad night. Sure the wound has not fully recovered yet, but now I am prepared to face the next turn in the zigzag.

p/s: I hope you are happy with him.

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