Thursday, August 18, 2016

Random thought on poems

(I will need to sleep soon, so I will keep this short)

I should admit that I do enjoy reading poems even though I am not doing it as often as before. Partly because I didn't have much time do so, but mostly due to my own idiosyncrasy. It is unfortunate that I consume poems in similar way that I consume music in general. I usually read multiple poems in one reading session, so there will be only a few of them that will stuck. The rest I will skip or skim through.

It is not supposed to be like this. While (current) music, in form of songs, do take a lot of effort to produce, they are (mostly) not intended to be pondered and analyzed. In the other hand, poets write their pieces intentionally in details so that every word, every syllable and every rhyme would mean something. So for me personally, I should treat every poem with proper level of respect, which is something I do not do for now.

So yeah, that is why I resist reading poems nowadays until I device some ways to solve this issue.

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